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Qatar ID Renewal Fee and Residence Permit Complete Guide



Qatar ID Renewal Fee and Residence Permit Complete Guide

Qatar ID Renewal Fee and Residence Permit Complete Guide. In Qatar, obtaining and renewing your Qatar ID (also known as a residence permit) is a straightforward process. This essential document allows you to live and work in the country legally. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the application and renewal procedures. Check Your Qatar ID Status Online now.

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Application for a New Qatar ID

  • Begin by selecting the delivery option for your new residence permit or Qatar ID.
  • Provide the accurate address where you want the new ID to be delivered.
  • Double-check all the details to ensure accuracy.
  • Pay the necessary fees using a debit or credit card.
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Qatar ID Fees

The fees for Qatar ID and related services are as follows:

  • A smart card, which is the same as a traditional ID card, costs QAR 100.
  • One year of e-gate services costs QAR 100.
  • Two years of e-gate services cost QAR 150.
  • Three years of e-gate services cost QR 200.

Qatar ID Renewal Fees

If you already hold a Qatar ID and need to renew it, the fees are as follows:

  • QR 500 for spouse, children, and family sponsorships (1 year).
  • QR 1,000 for employees sponsored by companies, institutions, and shops (1 year).
  • QR 300 for employees on personal sponsorships, domestic workers, farmers, and sailors (1 year).
  • There is a 20% discount available for renewing for three years for personal sponsorship, spouse, children, and family sponsorship.
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Additional Delivery Fee

Keep in mind that there is an additional fee of QR 20 if you choose Qatar Post for delivery of your Qatar ID.

These straightforward steps and fee structures make the process of obtaining and renewing your Qatar ID and residence permit accessible and efficient. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents and fees ready to facilitate a smooth application or renewal process.

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Navigating the process of obtaining and renewing your Qatar ID and residence permit is made simple with clear steps and transparent fee structures. By ensuring accurate details and timely payments, you can maintain your legal status in Qatar hassle-free. Embrace the opportunities and experiences this dynamic nation has to offer while abiding by its regulatory requirements. Your Qatar ID is not just a card; it’s your gateway to a thriving life in Qatar.

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Qatar ID Guides

Qatar ID Name Change Process Online Through Metresh2 App




Qatar ID Name Change Process Online Through Metresh2 App

Qatar ID Name Change Process Online Through Metresh2 App. The General Directorate of Passports, in partnership with the Ministry of Interior’s Information Systems Department, has introduced a groundbreaking service for Qatar residents through the Metrash2 application the Personal Data Change service. Qatar ID Check Status online now.

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Qatar ID Name Change & Date of Birth Process

Gone are the days of lengthy visits to the Name Changing Committee at the General Directorate of Passports. With this new service, individuals can now electronically modify their name and date of birth with ease.

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Simple Steps for Data Alteration

Changing personal data is now a straightforward process. On the homepage, navigate to Residency Services, click on Change Personal Info, and then select Apply Applications. From there, input your QID number and choose between Name Change and Date of Birth Change. Fill in the required details.

Essential Document Submission

The next step involves attaching essential documents, including a letter explaining the reason for the change, a copy of the old passport before the alteration, a copy of the updated passport, and a birth certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Confirmation of Registration

Once you’ve completed the registration process, expect a confirmation message stating, “Your application has been registered successfully.”

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Limitation to Within Qatar

Please note that this application can only be made within Qatar.

Effortless Application Tracking

The new service also offers the convenience of tracking and monitoring your application. Simply select the Follow Up Applications option and provide your ID number or the application owner’s information.

Publication in Newspapers

Upon receiving the approval message, you will be sent an approved version of the newspaper advertisement via email. This advertisement must be published in newspapers accredited in the country, in accordance with the language of the document used for the residence permit. To finalize the personal data change application, attach the newspaper advertisement after 14 days from the publication date.

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Completing the Process

To conclude the application, select the Upload Newspaper Memo option and choose the appropriate newspaper and language based on your nationality as indicated in your identification documents. Complete the necessary information and attach a copy of the advertisement, specifying its start date.

Successful Completion

Upon completion of this process, you will receive a message confirming the successful execution of your request. Embrace the convenience of Metrash2 and change your personal data hassle-free.


The introduction of the Personal Data Change service on the Metrash2 application marks a significant leap in simplifying bureaucratic procedures for Qatar residents. With streamlined steps for name and date of birth alterations, this innovative system eliminates the need for physical visits, offering an efficient and user-friendly solution. Embracing digitalization, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior continues to enhance its services, making essential processes more accessible and convenient for the public.

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