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Qatar ID/Passport/Visa Photo Requirements



Qatar ID/Passport/Visa Photo Requirements

Qatar ID/Passport/Visa Photo Requirements. In the digital age, the need for accurate and compliant passport, visa, and ID photos has become increasingly important., a leading online platform, is dedicated to providing individuals with precise photo editing tools that adhere to the specific requirements of different countries.

From passport photos to visa applications and other identification documents, offers a comprehensive solution. Here’s a breakdown of the supported Qatar photo document types, along with their requirements. Check Qatar ID Status Online now.

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Supported Photo Document Types caters to a range of photo document types, ensuring that users can effortlessly meet the standards set by Qatar authorities. The platform continually adds new document types to its repertoire, providing a dynamic and comprehensive service. If a specific document type is missing, users can request its inclusion via email and receive free photo prints as a token of appreciation.

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Qatar ID Photo Requirements

When it comes to passport photos for Qatar, excels in simplifying the often intricate guidelines. The requirements for Qatar passport photos are as follows:

Document Type Qatar Passport Photo
Country Qatar
Document Type Passport
Size Width: 38mm, Height: 48mm
Resolution (dpi) 300
Image Definition Head height: 34mm
Parameters Top of hair distance: 4mm
Background Color Not specified
Printable Yes
Online Submission Yes


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Visa Photo Requirements also caters to the specific requirements for visa photos in Qatar. The platform ensures that users can generate visa photos that comply with the relevant guidelines, contributing to a seamless application process.

Other ID Photo Requirements

Beyond passports and visas, accommodates a variety of ID photo requirements for Qatar. This versatility makes the platform a valuable resource for individuals seeking accurate photos for a range of identification purposes.

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Conclusion stands as an indispensable tool for individuals seeking accurate and compliant photo solutions for various official documents. By providing an array of supported Qatar photo document types, including passports, visas, and other identification forms, the platform ensures that users can effortlessly adhere to the country’s specific requirements. With a commitment to user satisfaction and continuous updates, simplifies the process of obtaining high-quality photos for a multitude of purposes

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Qatar ID Guides

Qatar ID Renewal Process Online Through MOI Portal




Qatar ID Renewal Process Online Through MOI Portal

Qatar ID Renewal Process Online Through MOI Portal. The Qatar ID, or QID, identification card has an expiration date. The method of renewing your QID depends on its classification.

Employers, sponsors, and ID holders have three months to renew their QID after it expires without paying a fine. Qatar ID can also be renewed three months before it expires. The Ministry will charge a penalty of QR 10 per day after the grace period has expired. Check Qatar ID Status Online.

As per Hukoomi, employers and individuals can renew their residence permits both online and offline. Renewals are allowed online only for a period of 1-3 years.

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Qatar ID Renewal Fees:

  • It costs QR 500 to sponsor a wife, children, and family. (1 year)
  • Employees sponsored by companies, institutions, and shops are eligible for QR 1,000. (1 year)
  • There is a QR 300 fee for employees on personal sponsorships, servants, farmers, and sailors. (1 year)
  • In case of a three-year renewal, there is a 20% discount (for personal sponsorship, companies, wife, children and family sponsorship).
  • For Qatar Post deliveries, an additional QR 20 must be paid
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Qatar ID Renewal Process Online

1. MOI website

NOTE: Smart cards are required to renew the QID via the MOI e-services portal.

  • Visit the MOI e-services portal using your smartcard.
  • Then click on “Residency Services.”
  • Then click “Renew Residency”.
    • The renewal process for individuals is as follows:
      • Select the QID number to be renewed (up to five at a time).
    • Renewal of companies
  • Please select the QID number you would like to renew (a maximum of twenty QID numbers at a time) and click “Add”.
  • Select the renewal period for the selected Qatar ID (QID).
  • Choose the delivery option for the new residence permit or Qatar ID.
  • Pay the applicable fees.
  • The status of your renewal can be tracked here:

Qatar ID Renewal Rracking

QID renewal tracking allows you to track the status of your residency permit (RP) renewal application online. You can use this service to check how your application is progressing, to find out when your new QID card will arrive, and to report any issues or delays. Staying up-to-date on your residency permit renewal status and avoiding penalties is easy and convenient with QID renewal tracking.

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The Qatar ID renewal process through the MOPI portal offers a streamlined and convenient way for employers, sponsors, and ID holders to ensure their QIDs remain valid. Timely renewal within the three-month grace period helps avoid fines. The online renewal option, available for 1-3 years, simplifies the process. While fees vary based on sponsorship and renewal duration, Qatar Post deliveries incur an additional charge. Utilizing the QID renewal tracking service further enhances efficiency and ensures a smooth renewal experience, ultimately contributing to hassle-free residency permit maintenance in Qatar.

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