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How to Change Date of Birth in Qatar ID? Complete Detail



How to Change Date of Birth in Qatar ID? Complete Detail

Change Date of Birth in Qatar ID. Qatari residents can officially change their date of birth through the Metrash2 app. Metrash2 app now allows passport data changes in coordination with MOI Information Systems Department. It is far easier for an individual to update their date of birth and name online than to contact the personal information changing committee. Check Qatar ID Status Online now.

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Metrash2 change personal information

These steps will allow public users to update their names and birthdates online using the Metrash2 application from the MOI’s General Directorate of Passports:

  • Open Metrash 2 App.
  • Please add the login information.
  • On the next page, click ‘Residency’ and then ‘Change Personal Information’. Update your birth date here.
  • Click on ‘Apply Applications’ now.
  • Enter your QID number and choose the service you require: change of date of birth.
  • The following documents should be attached:
     The old passport should be provided before the new one is issued.
     Putting the change in writing.
    Attested birth certificate from the Foreign Ministry.
  • The registration process ends with a message stating, “This application has been registered.”
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Application Tracking and Follow-Up

  • Please enter the QID of the applicant or owner in the “Follow-up Applications” window.
  • A publisher-approved advertisement form will be emailed to you.

How to post the newspaper memo

  • Choose the application from the “Upload Newspaper Memo” window.
  • Choose a newspaper and language based on the nationality listed on the identification documents.
  • Upon completing the required information and uploading the advertisement and specifying the start date, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


  • The announcements appear in Qatari newspapers accredited for publication in the language of the residency document.
  • For children under the age of seven, no newspaper advertisement is needed.
  • After the newspaper advertisement is published, the service takes 14 days to conclude.
  • Qatari applicants must submit their applications.
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How does the Metrash2 app work

The Metrash2 app has the following tabs at the top:

My Info Tab

  • The info tab contains information on your official documents, including your passport, Qatar ID, driving license, and entry date.
  • Information about your family members can be found under Residence Services.
  • In the third row, you can find information about traffic violations and vehicles owned by you.
  • Visa Services is located in the last row.

Note: More information can be viewed by clicking on each icon.

Services Tab

The following services are listed under the Services tab:


The “Residency” page contains options for issuing residency permits, canceling residency, renewing residency, replacing damaged IDs, reissuing residence permits, changing sponsorships, and automatic renewals of residency permits.


Traffic Services include license renewals, traffic violations, vehicle ownership transfers, and accident registrations on the “Traffic Services” page.

Leave Notification

The Leave Notification page lets you select between Leave Notification, Return Permit, and Traveler Transaction.

General services. This page offers services such as reporting lost objects, obtaining a police clearance certificate, and obtaining a security permit.


The “Citizens” page contains a variety of transactions available to Qatari citizens.


Visa Page provides services such as issuing new visas, approving visas, and extending visas.

Communicate With Us

You can contact departments such as the CID, the Traffic Department, and the Security Department via this page. You can also report traffic violations here.

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Q1) How can I change my original date of birth?

Ans:- An application must be filed with the Issuing Authority ( the Registrar of Births and Deaths under the concerned municipal corporation (SDMC/EDMC/NDMC) containing a brief statement and all the required documents.

Q2) Can I exit Qatar with expired passport?

Ans:- Passports or travel documents issued by the competent authority, stating the purpose of entry, are required for expatriates entering or departing Qatar.


The ability for Qatari residents to change their date of birth through the Metrash2 app marks a significant advancement in streamlining personal information updates. This convenient online process, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior’s Information Systems Department, eliminates the need for individuals to contact the personal information changing committee.

With easy-to-follow steps and document requirements, this service enhances efficiency and accessibility, exemplifying Qatar’s commitment to modernizing administrative procedures through digital solutions. The Metrash2 app continues to empower users with a wide range of services, making it an indispensable tool for residents and citizens alike.

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Qatar ID Guides

Qatar ID Requirements | Apply Online




Qatar ID Requirements | Apply Online

Qatar ID Requirements | Apply Online. In Qatar, the national identification card is a vital document for both citizens and residents. The Qatar ID serves as both a proof of identity and a key method of gaining access to government services and benefits.

In this article, we have included everything you need to know about the Qatar ID, from its requirements to how to check its validity and expiry. Check your Qatar ID Status now. 

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What is a Qatar ID?

Qatar ID cards are issued by the government of Qatar to citizens, residents, and foreign workers. A Qatar ID is required for a variety of activities, such as opening a bank account, obtaining a driving license, and accessing government services.

A person’s identity is verified by this card, which must be presented in different circumstances. A QID contains the cardholder’s photo, name, QID number, birthdate, nationality, signature, and sponsor information.

In Qatar, an expatriate is required to have a unique 11-digit identification number known as a QID number to verify his or her identity and residency rights.

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Where to Apply for a Qatar ID?

Visit the Ministry of Interior Qatar website and submit an online application for a Qatar ID. You can view the requirements for obtaining an ID card by going to the “Department Services” page, selecting “Official Documents Services,” and then selecting “Request for Qatar ID Card”.

What are the Requirements to apply for a Qatar ID?

Qatar ID applications require the following documents:

  • A passport-sized photo for each child under 12 years of age and for each person over 65 years of age
  • Application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior and filled out and attested
  • Passport original and photocopy
  • blood group results
  • Birth certificate photocopy
  • Qatar ID card photocopy of parents
  • Consent letter from parents or guardians
  • A first-time applicant’s physical appearance
  • Medical examination and blood typing results
  • A record of fingerprints
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The following additional requirements are also included:

  • X-rays are part of a medical examination
  • Blood typing
  • Expat workers must complete any other formalities necessary and be reimbursed by their employer for the cost of applying for an ID card

FAQs About Qatar ID Requirements

Q1) How can I become a resident of Qatar?

Ans:-If you were born in Qatar, you must have lived there for at least 10 years. The minimum base salary for civil servants is 20,000 QAR, while the total salary for private sector employees is 30,000 QAR. Good behavior, no criminal record inside or outside Qatar.

Q2) Can I live in Qatar without citizenship?

Ans:- In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Qatar, certain categories of non-citizens must fulfill several requirements: at least 20 years of residence in Qatar for non-citizens born outside Qatar. Qatari applicants must have lived in Qatar for at least 10 years.

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The Qatar ID card is an essential document for both citizens and residents of Qatar, serving as proof of identity and granting access to various government services and benefits. This article has provided a comprehensive overview of the Qatar ID, including its purpose, application process, and requirements. Obtaining a Qatar ID is a crucial step for individuals living in Qatar, ensuring their ability to engage in various activities and enjoy the privileges offered by the government.

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